Various pop, rock, dance, party, …

Songs for bands, artists, tv, movie, video games, commercials or soundtracks ?

Are you a major or independent record label, commercial company, movie director, producer, developer in the video gaming industry, publisher, manager, signed artist or band, touring artist or band, looking for some great original songs available for publishing? I offer a selection of original male and female songs, in styles such as pop, rock, dance, electronica, wave, instrumental, party, etc. On this website you’ll find a small selection of my current song catalogue. Looking for a specific song, with a specific theme, lyric, style or vocal? I also write original songs on demand !

All music and lyrics (co)-written and produced by Baustein.

Collaboration with producers, bands and songwriters

I’m always always open to possible collaborations with producers, bands and songwriters who need original songs or ask us co-writing with them. If desired I also make a complete production of your song, starting and writing from scratch with a theme, lyrics, melody, etc … and create a radio ready mixed and mastered production.

• Write and co-write original songs, lyrics and music
• Production from scratch up to a radio ready song
• Composition of instrumental songs for movies, commercials and video games
• Collaboration over the internet : send us your tracks, and we finish it up to a complete production