Power Rock Trio (TBA)

Power Rock Trio with/by Baustein : tba

“Everybody needs a hobby”, is said.

Well OK, my new hobby is writing music for a new power pop/rock trio 🙂

A band where the less-is-more principle rules, powerfull but no heavy guitars, and with an old-school band set-up : drums, bass/vocals and guitar. The style floating between bands like The Police, Pink Floyd, U2, Cure, Dire Straits, Red Hot Chili Peppers, but in a slight new and modern jacket.

Currently this idea is still growing and developing, and since this is “just a hobby” 😉 at this moment, I don’t have a deadline for this project nor do I have a name.
But, I have a dream … yes sir, I have a dream about putting this trio together somewhere in 2018 !

Here already a preview :