Manic Youth

Live solo project Manic Youth : Belgian electro music with a fatal dose of rock guitar !

After 20 years of experience in cover bands, studio, music writing in various styles like pop, rock, electro and instrumentals, training and coaching musicians at Baustein Guitar & Drum Studio, it was time for a live solo project. The less-is-more principle of bands likes Moby, Black Keys, Deadmau5, Netsky, intrigued Baustein developing a live solo project with a balance between modern technology and oldschool guitars. A new musical concept between a DJ-set and live band, fully flexible and dynamic, with live & on-the-fly song building and structure, where he can immerse himself as a composer and guitarist … After long experimenting, many technical obstacles, innumerable liters of caffeine, countless sleepless nights and rehearsals, he now presents with pride his new live solo project Manic Youth (feat. Baustein): a mix of live midi & sampling with infl uences from pop, rock, dance, electro and wave, along with a strong dose of rock guitar, with now and then a wink to some of his favorite artist.

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