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Born in Germany & raised behind a piano
Multi instrumentalist
Got his first musical shock at a Ramones concert
Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Satriani, Frusciante, The Edge
Studied Jazz in Belgium
Was a DJ after school
Lived in Los Angeles
Studied songwriting and performing at
Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood
Hooked up with Christopher Franke (Tangerine Dream)
in his Hollywood studios
Studied producing, sound design, recording and mixing
Is running his own Private Guitar-Studio with contemporary
music training, teaches guitar, bass, drums,
band coaching, songwriting and production
2000 Founded Baustein Music and produces
instrumental and orchestral music for film & TV
Works under different names as Manic Youth (Electro Rock)
KONKR33T (Dutch Nu Metal)
Started collaboration with TB Frank (The Neon Judgement)
Made the album : (TOCK!) between 2016/2017
for “Cluster Park”



Bookings Baustein & other enquiries

Phone* : +32.(0)476.666.300
E-Mail : music(at)baustein.be
Skype : bausteinmusic

(*) Please note I do NOT answer phonecalls from private or hidden numbers. If so, leave a message with your phone number and I’ll get back to you asap.

Bookings TB Frank & Baustein


Other websites and projects

www.manicyouth.net : Live Electro Rock Music
www.guitarstudio.be : Contemporary Music & Guitar Education
www.guitarstudio.eu : Contemporary Music & Guitar Education (English and German version of Guitar Studio … coming soon)
www.drumstudio.be : Contemporary Music & Drum Education
www.tbfrankbaustein.com : collaboration with TB Frank from The Neon Judgement
www.KONKR33T.be : Dutch Nu Metal band with Ersin Özönder


Live On Stage

Live on stage

Baustein has been playing numerous concerts ranging from small clubs and stages up to large festivals. Thanks to his experience he’s able to learn a complete playlist in no time. Over the years he has been performing with several original and cover bands. Live on stage, Baustein mainly plays the guitar, but also performs keyboards and (backing) vocals. In Baustein’s current own electro rock band Manic Youth feat. Baustein, he plays keyboards, guitar, sampling and vocals. The music and styles he plays range from pop, rock, disco, funk, electro, soul, metal up to classical music. Other bands he’s currently playing with is KONKR33T (Dutch Nu Metal) and TB Frank & Baustein (well-known from his band The Neon Judgement)

Concert & tour dates

20.10.2018 – TB Frank & Baustein (Winterfest festival @ 22:10)

More concert dates for 2018 TBA very soon …

TB Frank & Baustein : new album 2018 !

Some time ago I got together with TB Frank, known from is world famous band The Neon Judgement, and bass player with Praga Khan, Jade 4U and Lords Of Acid. We started jamming and writing 2 songs together. But surprisingly, after a while we had almost 15 finished tracks with a mixture of various styles. So the idea came up doing “something” 🙂 with our music. More details TBA soon !

Proud to announce that the collaboration with TB Frank, as from today Oktober 24th, is lifting off. Big news coming soon!

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(TB Frank and Baustein at the Baustein Guitar Studio recording and production studio)